Monday, 13 March 2017

Filling the gap!

If Kenya had a tooth fairy, which thankfully it doesn't, she would need a bed at the Happy House.
We have so many little ones in the family and they are losing their milk teeth at a rate of knots.
To help build strong bones and teeth they get plenty of milk and green vegetables in their diet, but Mama has decided it would be best for everyone to give them even more milk each day.
And they are lapping it up. 
With plenty milky drinks, a healthy diet and good oral hygeine,  those new teeth last a lifetime!
Computer literacy is a key skill and employers expect their workforce to understand and be able to use information technology.

 We desperately need to raise £3,500 to buy five new computers and to repair three more  for our school computer room so we have enough for every pupil taking a computer class.
Sharing, as they do at the moment, holds up lessons and delays learning.
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