Saturday, 25 March 2017

Moses gets his smile back

The worry and heartache of living in extreme hardship was telling on Moses face.
An extremely bright and talented young scholarship student, with his heart set on being a doctor,  Mama noticed he was looking thin and the light that had shone so brightly from the boy, had dimmed almost to nothing.
In school, his marks had dropped five places.
Worried something must be wrong, Mama asked him to come for a chat,
"I talked to him and he says the place he is living is not good, lots of people are drunk and drugs are everywhere.
He has found a better room with a small bathroom and electricity. 
Mr Isaac, our headteacher,  went and checked it out, and has spoken to the landlord. The rent is 2,500/- per month, and the bond is also 2,500/- 
I have  paid that and also given bought three mattresses, as he has two brothers one older and one younger. 
We have made up a pack of sheets, towels, soap, toothpaste and brushes. We have also added a bag of ugali flour.
 Isaac the older brother does odd jobs wherever he can pick up some work. If he gets it they eat if he doesn’t they don’t, so Moses was having meals here at school but nothing else,
I spoke to Isaac who he says he does painting so we have given him a month's  work, painting the outside of Happy House, plus lunch.
He is thrilled.
They moved on Tuesday evening.
I saw Moses the following morning in school and oh he was happy.
I said what did you have for dinner, his eyes were shining as he said rice and fish!
Isaac is here painting away on the outside of the building.
I am sure we can get them on their feet. 
For 8,000/- , that's £63,  we have really turned their lives around. 
Isn’t it just amazing!''