Thursday, 30 March 2017

Light the way

Education at Happy House is not the only way we light up the lives of bright young students eager to learn.
The kid,s from abject poverty, who have a place on our free place scholarship scheme receive all they need to be good students - uniform, books, shoes, meals. PE kit , deodorants and solar lights.
The most recent intake of students, none of  hom have electricity in their homes, have been given solar powered lanterns.
This not only enables them to study at home but also makes them much safer as so many injuries and deaths are caused every year  by the use of kerosene lamps.
Mr Steve said: "They were so pleased with the torches and have also promised to take good care and make good use of them.
Mr Steve added: " We are also giving thank for what Mama Sue is  doing to these kids by ensuring that they are getting good education,.
"As she says: Education is something no one can ever take away from you. 
"May  she and the HappY house family be blessed abundantly."
Pictured are: Tumaini Jumaa, Faith Lozzy, Sharlet Rehema, Mariam Kahindi, Thomas Kahindi, Samson Jumaa.