Sunday, 5 March 2017

I like to Google, by John

John, his brother Sifa and sister Karembo lived in the care of our Happy House family for almost six years.
Last year, we made it possible for them to return home to their grandmother who, now they are older, can give them a home.
The cost of education and medical care were beyond her reach, so we meet all these costs , including uniform, books, meals etc, and, as with all the children we have repatriated, keep a very close eye on their progress and welfare.
John, the middle of the three, writes today's blog:
My name is John. I am 12 years old,I am a boy.
I learn at Happy House School in Watamu, I am in class six.
My class teacher is called Md Nelly and my best subjects are maths and science.
I am being taught by five teachers.
I have one sister, Karembo,  and one brother, Sifa.
My sister is younger than me and is in class four and my brother older andhe is in form one high school.
My favourite game is football , I always play football after school and during the weekends,
I also like playing computer games and Googling for information.
At home I help in the shamba digging,planting and watering the crops.
PLEASE HELP: The internet is helping John to discover more about the world beyond the village he lives in.  John enjoys computer lessons in our school where he is learning so much and becoming computer literate. We desperately need to raise £3,500 to buy five new computers and to repair three more so we have enough to go round in computer classes.
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