Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Happy House "home from home"

There were four very special little visitors to Happy House on Saturday.
The youngsters who have all been happily repatriated to live with a parent or relative, whilst still receiving our support, came to their home from home for a day to spend time with members of their sponsor families who are on holiday in Watamu.
Laura, Daniela, Susana and Levian
Twin brothers Peter and Paul, Peninah and Natasha Thoya were all delighted to be back to see their visitors, Mama and Papa and their Happy House friends.
Susanna Gregorio, who has a home in Watamu and is guardian to Levian,  brought Daniela Bonassi and Laura Astori early so they would be there to greet the children.
Natasha with Mama & Papa
Uncle Ronnie says: "The kids arrived a bit late as they used public transport which is not that reliable in relation with time.
Peter, Paul and Peninah
Finally they all arrived and we were all happy to see them again, healthy, happy and active.
They had a chat with Mama then had fun with their sponsor friends,
It was lunch time and they enjoyed pizza with our home kids and later spend time playing with Laura and Daniela. 
They were given gifts including clothes, toy cars and dolls.
Daniela and Laura also enjoyed catching up with the progress of all the children and especially the Safari family - Mariam, Suleiman, Saumu, Fred and Rosie. 
It was a very happy time for us all."