Sunday, 12 March 2017

There is no other school like ours, by Mariam

Mariam and her four siblings have been loved and valued members of our family since they came to live at Happy House on Valentine's Day in 2011.
Up until that time none of the kids had been to school and Mariam, the eldest, was given lots of help to build her confidence and to help her catch up on basic literacy skills.
Mariam is now a very capable and caring young woman.
 She writes today's blog about Happy House School:
''My school is called Happy House.
 In our school we have a lot of classrooms and we also have a big field.
 Our teachers are very hardworking to help us in many ways. Our teachers love us very much.
 In our school we have a computer room, a  library room and a big office for the teachers.
 In my class we are 21 students, we are people working hard to achieve their goals.
 We are happy to sty in Happy House School, in the whole country there not another school like it.
 On our field we are playing football and different games. We also invite other schools to come and play together.
We also invite other school for debating competitions.
In our school compound we planted flowers which makes our school beautiful. 
We love our school very much.
Our teachers teach us to use polite words and to behave well."
PLEASE HELP: The internet is helping Mariam to discover more about the world around her. Mariam loves computer lessons!
 We desperately need to raise £3,500 to buy five new computers and to repair three more so we have enough to go round in computer classes.
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