Friday, 17 March 2017

Happy House - a magnificent seven today!

Happy birthday Happy House!
Today, we are  seven and what magnificent achievements have been made since the day of our official opening on March 17, 2010.
From the arrival of the first child, Benedict in February, to the opening our family had grown to 28. 
Youngsters who still remember being there before the container had been unpacked, and who hold their own special memories of being the first Happy House kids,
Since that time, our number has fluctuated as our family has evolved.
  For some children we have been a port in the storm of a family crisis, whilst others, some living in our care for up to six years, have gone home to live with a parent or close relative 
now in a position to give them a home whilst we provide for their education and healthcare.
As children move on (they always remain Happy house kids) others come.
At its highest, there have been 111 kids in our resident family. Right now we have 64.
When our inspirational, incredible, devoted and determined Mama Sue realised her dream of opening her Happy House,  a school was furthest from her thoughts, but as our kids grew and developed so did her Happy House and we now have kindergarten, primary and secondary schools all on one site just a hop and skip away - and believe me, our kids can hop and skip!
Nor had Sue's vision extended to scholarship students, but now we have 88.
Mama Sue has grown her Happy House to embrace change to touch and enhance more young lives.
It's been seven years of love,laughter and tears -  the love and laughter shared publicly, tears shed privately by both Sue and her beloved husband, Dave, our much-loved Papa Dave.
Papa is Mama's rock. His enduring love and support has supported her through so many difficult times, borne with courage and determination.
Through everything life has thrown at them,  their Happy House has been their focus.  
It is at the very core of their being.
Mama and Papa have made their Happy House, our Happy House.
Your support makes their work happen, Without YOU it would not be possible.
And so today as we say Happy Birthday Happy House, we also  say to each and every one of you, who has helped in any way, thank you.
If you would like to make a birthday gift by making a donation to our computer appeal please go to: