Friday, 10 March 2017

Susan "sales'' past £2000

Trading online has netted £2000 for Happy House over the last four years.
Susan Carr, from Cleveleys, wanted to help raise money for our family but as she was, at the time, caring for her elderly mother she was unable to get involved in fundriasing events.
So she set about selling small secondhand items on the auction site eBid and donating all the money she made to Happy House.
And every month or so since she embarked on her venture she has dropped off a cheque to Elizabeth Gomm.
The latest one for £43. 55 has taken her past a landmark £2000 by 8p.
Susan is thrilled and so are we.
Elizabeth Gomm said: "Susan is so thoughtful and so generous to our family. She quietly gets on with what she does and every few weeks a cheque drops through my letterbox.
" Her eBid shop sells allsorts - old postcards, CDS, vintage knitting patterns and jewellery, sheet music, royal souvenirs etc.
"She also very kindly handles online sales for our Happy House cotton bags and handbeaded bracelets made in Watamu.
"Susan is  a caring sponsor of scholarship student Mary. Mary always looks forward to hearing from her.
"Since losing her mum, Susan has given her time to help when we have any events locally.
"She's a lovely person, and we value all she has done and is doing for our children.
"Thank you Susan and congratulations on making it beyond the £2000 mark."
To see Susan's online marketplace, with over 300 items on sale, go to