Sunday, 23 October 2011

Our little hero

Our wounded soldier Francis has returned to a hero's welcome from his Happy House family after undergoing surgery on his broken arm at Tofiq Hospital, Malindi.
Fearless Francis leapt from a top bunk a few weeks ago and broke his arm which was x-rayed and set in plaster, but four weeks later when the cast came off a second x-ray revealed that all was not well.
His bones were out of place and not knitted together or healed correctly, so he had to go back for surgery to have his arm broken and re-alinged, a procedure which took about 25 minutes.
"After that", says Uncle Billy, he was wheeled to radiography for another x-ray, then to a ward as the doctors' observed his post-sedation reactions. Nothing worrying save for the nausea. Three hours later he was ready for home.
"He received a heroes welcome. A family meeting was quite in order to ask all the family members to help Francis in taking proper rest and in avoiding risky behaviour to speed a quick and successful recovery."
Get well, Francis, with lots of love from all your family beyond the Happy House.