Thursday, 13 October 2011

It never rains ... but it certainly pours!

This is the view from Sue's office as the rain, which started on Sunday, continues to come down in bucket loads.
The children are having a sing-a-long in the hall instead of outdoor play for break.  Happy the cat is curled up on the seats by my "office", fast asleep, her paws keeping her nose warm. 
In a country where there is almost wall to wall sunshine this unexpected rainy season creates chaos.
Imagine what it must be like to live in a hut made of mud, or a corrugated tin shack, with no way of keep the rain from penetrating everything you own. And with the rain come the mosquitoes bringing malaria and chest infections and pneumonia will be another consequence.
Dave is doing the weekly shop in Malindi market, he'll be trudging through mud to get to the stalls and will come back tired and soaked but with all the goods we need for another week.
This is also the start of the busiest tourist season in the hotels and if the holidaymakers are confined to their hotels, where there is precious little to do on a wet day,  local people who depend on their trade will really suffer.
The rain is much needed in other parts of Kenya, let us pray that they are getting it in the same quantities there.