Sunday, 2 October 2011

Surprising Papa

Papa Dave to the Happy House family, he's Mr Leeds United to football fans around Watamu. 
Dave is popular with everyone and is never short of someone to talk soccer with.
But it's not often he gets to meet another diehard Leeds fan. He was away from the Happy house when Vicky Simpson and Shaun Windram came to visit us. 
They live in Aberdeen, which is where Shaun is from,  and Vicky, from Skipton, says her one big regret about living in Scotland is that she now only gets a rare opportunity to get to a Leeds match. 
She brought a Leeds shirt along with her for the kids (modelled by Hassan) and she and Shaun had a lovely time looking at all we are doing and meeting all our kids.  They are such a lovely couple and so keen to do what they can to help us. 
Sue knew that  Dave would be so upset at missing a chance to meet they (specially Vicky) that she asked them to come round to her house later. We decided to kid him on, telling him just that they were from Aberdeen, knowing that the conversation would soon get round to football. 
It did, in less than three minutes, and Mr Leeds United was, for once, almost lost for words - and it made his week!