Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Meeting her Lily

The Happy House weaves its magic into the lives of so many people way beyond its walls.
And yesterday it was a day of pure magic for birthday girl Steph Hill whose dream came true at last when she met her sponsor child Lily for the very first time.
As it was Steph's 24th birthday we had to have a party!
Luckily, a teachers' district meeting meant the kids were off school so when Steph, from Poulton, near Blackpool, arrived with her sister Lynsey, who sponsors Harrison; their mum Bev Higham and Steph's best friend Zoe Dixon the kids,along with Mama Sue, Papa Dave and all the family, were all on the steps waiting to greet them with a song.
Sing they did, at the top of their voices … and, for our visitors, a welcome so warm it brought a lump to their throats and tears to their eyes, specially when an excited little Lily went to say hello to her friend who had travelled so far to see her! 
Steph, Lynsey, Bev and Zoe were escorted by our happy band of kids to the decorated banda where the children, coached by our music teacher Mr Charles, showed off their talent with more songs and some poems.
Lily presented Steph with a birthday card and gift from the family, and then cook Roger brought in his masterpiece of a cake.
Torrential rain, which had us almost marooned in the banda,  didn't put a damper on the celebrations.
When it was time for the children to have lunch, we made a dash to the house so that our very happy visitors to take a real look round and enjoy more fun with the family through the afternoon when we also had weekly our weekly Kidz Club.
It was a perfect day. One, I know, that has created memories which will last a lifetime.