Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mama's birthday surprise

Our kids come to the Happy house never having celebrated a birthday, but it doesn't take them long to catch on to the idea.
And Mama Sue is so important in all their lives there has to be a celebration when her birthday comes around.
It falls on Sunday, but we had special family party for Sue's big day, and for me to say goodbye, on Thursday afternoon.
It was just a lovely, relaxed, occasion and so very happy. The teachers had put together a little play with Rukia, dressed like a queen, playing the role of birthday girl Mama.  A  succession of children, wearing birthday crowns, arrived at her party where she graciously accepted their card, gift, good wishes and cake.
Rukia then led Mama to join them as the procession proceeded to handed on the birthday booty to their guest of honour who was overjoyed with her lovely card, a toy tiger and a very special cake.
Mr Charles played the keyboard as they kids sang songs they had been rehearsing for Mama.
As always, I had a huge lump in my throat all the way through and even more so when it was my turn to take centre stage.
First a beautiful card and then a wonderful chorus of "Libby, Libby don't forget this day; Libby, Libby don't forget this place..."
As if I ever could.
But however full of emotion I felt, this was a party and we had cake to eat and dancing to do.
Everyone joined in - Uncle Isaac, Uncle Billy, Auntie Rose, the teachers, house mums and aunties and Papa Dave, who had been braving the rain to do the weekly grocery and market shopping.
In the past two years Sue has been through so many physical trials - a smashed heel, broken hip and hip replacement plus a broken arm. Getting the Happy House to this stage as been fraught with worry too.
But on Thursday she got up and danced, really danced, for the first time in two years and it was just so special to see her , my special friend, being able to have real fun with the family she has created and to whom she devotes all her time, energy and dedication.
It was another of those magical Happy House moments that just melt your heart.