Monday, 24 October 2011

Food, glorious food

Providing a good diet is essential to our children's health... and just look how they like their food!
As you look through these pictures of our lovely kids displaying very healthy appetities just remember that every meal is a real blessing to each one.
When they came to us all were living with the constant ache of an empty tummy ... hunger, real hunger, was a way of life. They couldn't be sure where, or when, their next meal would come from.
It still takes time for every new arrival to understand that , yes, there will be another meal. Really, there will.
They still, for their first weeks, want to eat everything in sight. To stuff themselves to bursting point, until it dawns that mealtimes come round like clockwork, three times a day... with healthy snacks at school breaks, too.
A balanced diet (with occasional cake as a treat!), plus a daily dose of multi-vitamins, is turning poorly, malnourished children into sturdy kids with strong bones, hair and teeth, bright eyes and glowing skin.
Good food for a family of 53, even now with we have much of our veg coming straight from our gardens, mounts up to a huge bill every week, but we will never cut corners or skimp on what we provide. 
Our reward is the only thing we ask for .. healthy kids.
Pictured from top are: Musyoka, Karmebo,  Pendo Dickson, Brian, Rukia, Pendo Francis, Harry, Rose Safari and Sulieman,