Saturday, 29 October 2011

Family valued

It is wonderful to be a part of a family that means so much to so many people around the world.
Wherever we may live, whatever our circumstances, we are united by a common bond ... our Happy House kids.
Those sponsors who are lucky enough travel thousands of miles to meet the child they sponsor and who has become such an important part of their lives.
Linda and Peter Niblock, from Hulme, Cheshire, have just returned from their first visit to meet Evans.
Linda tells me: "I recognised Evans as soon as he came through the gate from school on his bike, it was lovely seeing the older kids getting back from school, all smiles, looking as though they didn't have a care in the world, which is how it should be.
"It was really great to meet Evans and to be able to chat with him and his brother and sister, Oscar and Janet.
"Evans was so proud of his latest exam results, he's top of the class and was really proud to show us his report book."
Linda and Peter, who won their week's stay at Tembo Village Hotel at our charity night last year, thoroughly enjoyed their first visit to Watamu.
"We had an amazing time both visiting the Happy House and visiting the village. It was good for us for a change to stay in a small hotel and not an all-inclusive resort hotel which gave us more opportunity to visit and spend time in the village talking to the local people, although it was a challenge at times to convince them we didn't want to buy anything! We had a lot of interesting tuk-tuk trips, avoiding potholes, goats, motorbikes and people! It was great.
"The Happy House is amazing, what Sue and Dave have achieved is truly inspirational.
"It was a big learning curve for us. When we're sat at home in our armchairs thinking about what they need, it isn't necessarily what they do actually need.
"It was an absolute privilege to be invited to the official opening of Little Chicks nursery, what little stars the children are. They did a little play and then all sang and then we all sang and danced our way round to the classrooms where the Italians, who had raised the money for the conversion. cuts the ribbons at each door to cheers from the children.
"Then back in the banda we all had a good old dance, some cake, and the children had lollies. Seeing the children so happy that afternoon is something we will never forget."
Time moves so quickly at the Happy House and it was soon time for Linda and Peter to leave for the UK.
"We were lucky that when we popped in on our last day it was a public holiday and Evans was at home from school so we could say our goodbyes.
"Sue's plans to extend the school sound great so there's a lot of fundraising to do and we'll do our best. I've been spreading the word!"