Monday, 31 October 2011

Sending out our message ,,,

Virtuoso guitarist Jon Gomm today releases his second download-only single ... a cover of Message in a Bottle by The Police.... again with 10% of the proceeds going to the Happy House.
Jon gave a taster of his take on the '70s classic to a packed house at Leeds Guitar Night on Saturday and it went down a storm.
After electrifying the place with his fast-paced and incredible set, he was only too chuffed to swap his signature black tee shirt for one his mum brought back from the Happy House.  Jon is also taking Happy House promo leaflets to all his gigs to help us promote our charity.

Jon says: "It's one month since my first ever single Passionflower was released, and it's so far been watched over 45,000 times on youtube and played on radio stations on 3 continents! Thankyou/grazie/merci/danke/gracias to EVERYONE who watched it and - most importantly - told their friends about it.The second single - my interpretation of Message In A Bottle by The Police - is out today. Watch on YouTube:
You can download the mp3 right now from for Pay What You Want  . 10% the proceeds from all  downloads in the Domestic Science Singles Series goes to The Happy House children's home in Watamu, Kenya.The guitar tab is available from my website too.
I hope you enjoy the song and sharing it with your friends. You know there's more to music than what gets played on pop radio, but maybe some of your friends don't realise there's more out there. "
Remaining concerts for 2011 will take Jon to:- ITALY: Roma, Firenze, Bologna, Pavia, Milano. ENGLAND: Blackpool, Portsmouth, Southampton, Maidstone, Lymington, Sarratt, Milton Keynes, Wakefield, Liverpool, Macclesfield. GERMANY: Dresden, Straubing, Schwabach, Nuernberg, Giessen, Trittau
Time for tee...
Grab yourself a Happy House tee-shirt (£6+£2 p&p). We have adult size Medium (that's what Jon's wearing), plus ages 3 and 4. Other children's sizes available after December 10. Contact for details of how to order.