Wednesday, 19 October 2011

From Austria with love ....

Ever-rising prices make doing the weekly household shop a real challenge for Papa Dave.
True to his native Yorkshire traits, Papa expects the best price for everything and is not afraid to haggle for a fair deal.
It is arduous and tiring, trekking around the market and wholesalers as he does in the immense heat. But he never complains.
This week the shopping came to him, in the form of a very generous donation from some of our Austrian friends.
Schwarz Helga Friedrich, Strauch Lotte Herbert, Montscher Otto, Macho Franz and Eschmuller Werner are frequent visitors to Watamu and they make a point of visiting the Happy House.
As on two previous occasions, these exceptionally kind gentlemen asked for a copy of our shopping list and then went out and bought everything on it!
From shoe polish to maize flour, nappies to washing powder, it was all there when they unloaded it to the amazement and delight of Mama Sue, Papa Dave and all the family.
Billy says: "We were dumbfounded and could only say thank you in return. Papa's shopping for Thursday has was done on a Monday morning! The list of things they brought seemed endless."
Their generosity is so touching and means so much to us and our family.
These big-hearted Austrians are so fond of Mama Sue and also presented her with a beautiful photo-book they made of pictures taken on their last visit which included our first anniversary show.