Monday, 10 October 2011

Rainy Sunday

A day off and what does it do ..rain!
Not just a shower but a tropical downpour. Just as we got back from seeing the kids at the Happy House and were all set for an afternoon in the sun.
At the Happy House I went through school homework diaries with the older children who are all doing well at school. They have their midterm exams this week and are revising hard.
The mums were busy braiding the girls' hair ready for the school tomorrow. How neat and tidy they will all look.
Daniel and Ulrika, and  their children, arrived while we were there. We don't usually have visitors at the weekend because it's family time, school is closed and locked, and there is not likely to be anyone to show them around.
But as we were there I put on my tour guide hat, how could we not show them around when they fly home today.
It's lovely to see the interest our visitors show and to be able to illustrate to them how every penny we receive goes directly to helping our children.
We hope they enjoyed their visit and will come back and see again one day.
We have lots planned this week and I can't believe that my three weeks will be up on Friday.  It's flown by in the blink of an eye!