Saturday, 8 October 2011

Garden gang!

We are harnessing the very latest technology to help feed our family thanks to the very generous donations which have allowed us to install our specially developed Amiran Farmer's Kits.
The polytunnels, complete with everything from drip-feed irrigation to fertilizer, training and support, are already making a difference and putting us on the first steps to self-sufficiency.
The first, planted three months ago, is producing fine crops which go straight to our kitchen and the newer ones are now in the process of being planted.
We were delighted when Christopher Nzuki, Amiran's integrated projects manager, flew in from Nairobi especially to see our own horticultural venture … and how pleased he was.
An expert horticulturalist he couldn't get over how large our sweet melons were growing and how well our tomato and other crops are doing.
He has taken some of the seeds donated from the UK to try out. He has been so good to us and so helpful we will value his advice on how he  does with them.
Chris, orphaned at 15, and who had to work so hard to educate himself to university level, was so also delighted with the way we are giving our children such an opportunity in life.
He sat down with a class chatting away to them about their work.
We told him how we are going to be starting a gardening club for the kids and he suggested we put them into teams with small plots each and get them to compete for the best crops.
Learning to farm is such a valuable skill on this continent where so many are starving, so to be able to learn from a young age and to inspire budding farmers or agronomists with the latests tools and technology is a real asset.
And Chris hinted there might even be an Amiran Trophy for our gardens competition!
*Pictures show Chris with Sue; Chris in school; Shakila with her picture of tomatoes from seed to fruit; Harry getting an early lesson in horticulture from gardener Chris!