Thursday, 2 June 2016

What a feat!

Star Baraka
Harrison's birthday
It quite a feat - or feet - to make a pair of copy-crocs last a year!
These shoes, which are great for our kids to play out in, tend to be a one-child wear.
The land the Happy House is built on is coral so is it rough on any footwear, and the way our kids play is a test on the toughest shoes
So for Baraka to keep his crocs in such good condition that, now he's outgrown them  they can be passed on to another child is a triumph
So impressive, Mama awarded him her Star of the Week. Well done, Baraka.
This week's birthday boy is Harrison Baya.
Harrison, who is eight, received his birthday gift and greetings at Kidz Club.
Happy birthday, Harrison.

Charity shop

Happy House will be selling lots of pre-loved goodies when it takes over Poulton Methodist Charity Shop,  Chapel St, Poulton le Fylde,  for a week from this Saturday to Friday, June 10
We'll be selling lots of pre-loved goodies - clothes,household, bric-a-brac and books to raise money for Happy House.
We are grateful to the church for  letting us use the shop, which is such a bonus for so  many charities.
We will be open from 10am to 3.30pm each day and still need helpers.  It is a struggle to find people who are free to give a morning or an afternoon.   If you can help on any day please contact Elizabeth Gomm on 07905 130 589.   
Thank you.