Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Little Anna settles in

 Little Anna is all smiles now she a Happy house kid.
 Annahas now come into the safe and loving care family for as long while her mum, Riziki, has time to get herself and her life sorted out.
A lifetime of rejection and abuse finally got the better of  19-year-old mum, Riziki, who is
now undergoing counselling.
Riziki says she was first brought to Malindi, as a small child, by a family who disowned when she was around seven years old as she was constantly being told by her "siblings" that she didn't belong there.
A wellwisher, an elderly lady, took her to Mombasa where she acted as her house-help for a number of years until the lady died.  The lady's relatives returned her  to her "family" in Malindi. Her stay with them was short-lived, she sought help from a friend who referred her to some people in Nairobi needed a housegirl, but this did not work out well, as never having been to school, Riziki illiterate
She met a suitor who when their relationship became serious, took her to meet his parents. In front of her fiance, they rejected her. He caved in to his parents wishes and severed his ties with her without any explantion.
Riziki was three months pregnant,
The aguished girl was left to give birth and raise her daughter alone getting help wherever she could. 
When she met a man who promised to marry her and look after them she took his bait and moved in with him, only to find herself in an abusive relationship and in fear for both herself and her daughter.
After seeking help Riiziki and Anna found refuge in a Christian Mission.   She has now found a new job and is undergoing counselling and little Anna has come to Happy House while Riziki has time to get herself on her feet and is able to create a stable home for Anna.
Anna has gone straight into school and has made lots of new friends.
Welcome Anna.
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