Saturday, 25 June 2016

Six and serious, our Harry

Hitting six is a serious business for our Harry.
Harry, born on June 26, 2010, was solemn when he posed for a picture with his birthday bag of goodies at Kidz Club  - the time of the week when birthdays are celebrated together as a family.
But he's never serious for long, Harry is a busy little bee both at school and at home and a smiling bundle of energy.
Harry came home to our family when he was eight weeks old, having being found as a premature and poorly baby, discarded in a carrier bag on a rubbish dump.
Mama Sue immediately offered him a home in our family and provided everything he needed whilst he was in special care in hospital - formula milk, medicine, nappies, clothes and love. Lots of love.
SInce then he has grown and flourished into a happy and healthy little boy,
Happy birthday, Harry.