Friday, 3 June 2016

Crocs away!

 Our Star of the Week Baraka won his accolade for keeping his copy-crocs in tip top condition for a whole year - so they were outgrown but not outworn when he needed a new pair.
So we thought we would show just why is record is just so surprising.
These pictures illustrate just how our kids use their imaginations when they are playing on our Baby Beach - turning their crocs into anything and everything they choose - cars, boats, planes.
You name it and pair crocs witll have been it.
So four-year-old Baraka's achievement really was a feat first.
His crocs have now been handed down and one of his little Happy House brothers can walk in his shoes.
But how long they will last is anyone's guess!
*And if you are wondering how we know how long he had his shoes, Auntie Velma who looks after the storeroom logs every item in and out and knows exactly which child has received what and when.
It's one of the essentials of Happy House good housekeeping.