Wednesday, 15 June 2016

School Report:KG kids are top performers

Happy House School hosted the Watamu Cluster  Kindergarten Music Festivals.
 More than nine schools arrived to participate in poem, choral verses, tongue twisters, and traditional dance competitions.
Happy House kids, who are lucky to have all the great facilities of their school, did well and came out with the best overall performance of all schools.
n the poems category we scored 91.5 marks with position 1, in tongue twister(video below)  we scooped position 1 with 87 points while in Kiswahili shairi we were position 2 with 76 points. 
The school now goes through to the next level of the competition.
It's a very important year for our Class Eight students who will be sitting their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in November.
Their progression to secondary school rides on this important exam and with 100 per cent pass from last year's Class Eight they have a lot to live up to.
Mama Sue takes a personal interest in every student's performance and is always on hand with advice and encouragement.
Last week she and Uncle Billy met with every class eight student to talk about their most recent exam results and  how they are getting on with their work and coping with the extra study needed.
The kids really appreciate this genuine concern and involvement and want to do well not just for themselves but for their Mama too.