Saturday, 11 June 2016

Give A Child a Chance: The Greatest Gift

Help the child and you help the community.
Deputy head teacher at Happy House School, Mr Isaac, shares Mama's passion and belief that all children, regardless of background, deserve the very best in life.
All our teachers, led by head Md Milka, are passionate about their work and their enthusiasm fires their pupils desire to learn.
Mr Isaac says he is lucky to work in Happy House, not because of the excellent facilties and resources, but because at Happy House he can help kids who had previously been excluded from other schools for one reason only - there was no money to pay.
Now they have scholarships in our school they learn and flourish. The careers they dream of could now, with hard work, become a reality.
For 65p, the cost of a chocolate bar, or a daily paper would sponsor a child for day.
Please will you sponsor a Happy House kid and Give a Child a Chance. 
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