Thursday, 30 June 2016

Morecambe gets wise to Happy House

  Our children brought a touch of Kenyan sunshine to warm the hearts of the brave-hearted who ventured out on a wet and windy night in Morecambe.
Elizabeth Gomm was guest speaker at Morecambe Parish Church Fellowship Group where she showed a video and spoke about the work of our wonderful Mama Sue and Papa Dave.
Phil with Fellowship donation
Her audience was touched by the stories of some of our children and uplifted to hear how the Happy House changes the lives of so many children who either live with us or are on free places in our school, and also of how families can be reunited when their fortunes change for the better.
Fellowship member Phil Ramsden invited Elizabeth on behalf of the group. He and his wife, Karin,  are in Saumu Safari's sponsor family.
The evening resulted in a donation of £50 from the fellowship plus another £56 in donations. Every penny will be used to improve the lives of children.
Many thanks to the Phil and the fellowship for their friendship and for their kind donations.