Thursday, 16 June 2016

Birthday joy and a sweet parting

There were greetings and goodbyes at Kidz Club this week.
The greetings were for our birthday children who all received their gifts while everyone in the family sang Happ Birthday.
The goodbyes were for Mama and Papa who explained they were going on a short trip the UK and would be back in the blink of an eye.
They set off  from Mombasa in the early hours of tomorrow, and will be spending a couple of weeks or so in the UK.
The kids will miss them as much as they will miss the kids, so Mama and Papa always make their coming away as easy as possible for the family by looking ahead to their return.
And a treat of juicy mango also made their parting a sweet one.
Birthday kids this week are twins Baraka and Amani ( pictured with Uncle Billy), Chesco (with Mama) and Emmanuel (with Papa).
Safe journey Mama and Papa.
Many happy returns also to last week's birthday trio.
Their appearance on the blog was delayed because we devoted the week to our GIve a Child a Chance campaign by highlighting some of our children and the need for more sponsors.
The children who celebrated their birthdays at Kidz Club were Farida (Eve), Lucky and Brian Hayward.
Mama handed over a birthday gift to Lucky, while Papa did the honours for Brian.