Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Going home to mum

Scholarship child Yvonne was brought home to our family three months agobecaise Mama and Papa were concerned about her health.
She was very thin  and Mama worried that she was not eating enough and hoped some time at Happy House would help to build her up,
So after talking with Yvonne's mum, Janet, who has recentlty returned to the area after six years away, it was agreed that both Yvonne and her younger brother Michael should come on a temporary stay..
And Mama suggested that whilst they were staying at Happy House, their mum could visit often, get to know her children again,  and take the chance to get work and set up home ready to take them back to.
Yvonne and her younger brother, Michael, had been living with an aunt and her family for six years after being leftt in her care by their mum, a casual labourer., who travelled to get work.
Now three months after her talk with Mama,  Janet is in full time employment, has accommodation and is ready to take Yvonne and Michael home to to live with her.
As scholarship students they will be coming to school every day and we will be providing them with transport to cut down their journey time.
Another good outcome brought about with a little sprinkling of Happy House magic!
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