Friday, 10 June 2016

Give a Child a Chance: Making of Moses

"Happy House has taken me from being nothing, to being something."
These 11 words, sum up  what a scholarship place in Happy House School has done for 15-year-old Moses Cosmus .
It has raised him up, lifted his spirits and given him inspiration and aspirations.
Moses is grateful for every second of every day that he is at Happy House, to Mama Sue and all those of you who support her work, for making it possible.
And for giving him opportuntities he could only dream of.
Like going on safari, where he not only saw the amazing wildlife that is his country's heritage, but where he also stayed in a lodge, swam in a swimming pool and, in the dining room,  learnt how to use a knife and fork
He is from a poor household, where luxuries are non existent, as are his classmates.
When as our first successful Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education candidates, Mama and Papa rewarded their achievement with an overnight trip to Tsavo East Game Reserve,  they were doing something that nobody in their families had ever done before.
Moses, is a clever boy who wants to succeed. With our help, and yours, he will.
We need sponsors for these kids, people who will invest in their futures and help them,as adults, to change their world for the better.
£20 a month is a small price to pay for such huge rewards. 
Please can you help Give a Child a Chance, by sponsoring a child TODAY.
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