Monday, 27 June 2016

My good fortune to work with special kids, says volunteer.

In any school there will be children who need a bit of extra support and help.
Some because of the challenges they are born with, others because of circumstances that have shaped their lives.
Volunteer Gussy Bunbury, who is coming to the end of six months with our family, has been providing valuable help and support in our school.
She has been able to use the experience she has gained working with special needs pupils in UK schools, to help bring on some of our little ones. 
Gussy has worked one-to-one with Lesley (top left), Ernest (below left) and David (below right).
Concentrating primarily on speech and language the three boy have come on leaps and bounds with Auntie Gussy, who writes:.
One of the most challenging aspects of working with children is you are never quite sure how a lesson will pan out, no matter how well prepared you are. 

You can deliver the same lesson to two groups of children and it can end up being totally different because it all depends on the children.
Each child learns in a different way and you have to be ready to adapt in order to keep the children engaged and eager to learn.
This is even more so when working with children with special needs.
Since arriving at Happy House, I have been working one to one with a few children who need a little extra to help them with their speech and general development
.The aim is to get them to a stage where they can work independently in the school environment. 
 When working one to one like this you can form a close relationship and through this a child becomes more comfortable and feels safe and able to take risks, which in turn helps them to learn better.
 We do many small activities and there is lots of repetition to allow them to become secure in their new skill or knowledge.
 Working with  a child with special educational needs, means being creative in your teaching as well as having a willingness to persevere as the progress does usually take longer;
 However, as with all teaching, the moment you see clarity on a child's face is priceless.
 Following their development over a period of time is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. 
 I have been very fortunate to work with Ernest, David and Lesley and I would like to thank them for the wonderful time and happy moments we have shared during my time at Happy House. 

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