Sunday, 5 June 2016

Happiness is being a Happy House kid, by Husna

Husna writes her blog
 Life has been transformed for Husna and her brother Hussein since they came to Happy House .
Their widowed mum, caring for her own mother who had a severe stroke, was in dire straits, unable to make ends meet or send her children to school.
In Happy House care, for as long as they need it, they have become part of our wonderful family. As Husna tells us:
At the Happy House we have gardens, trees, house, children, mama, papa, uncles and aunties, so many people.
I have my friends like Sanita, Salama, Dorris, Lily, Mariam and Jacinta. Everybody is my friend.
I thank my sponsors who have sponsored me because they love me and all of us here.
I like to play rounders, ball passing, hide and seek. We have many games at Happy House.
Our school is wonderful and shining and I am learning well. Last term when we were closing, I was in position two.
I know everybody is so happy with our Happy House School.
We have been doing times tables and I know my two, three, four, five and ten times tables. Soon I will know all of them.
I thank Mama, Papa and Auntie Libby for everything you have done for us and for taking good care of all of us. Thank you. I love you.