Sunday, 19 June 2016

A blog about dear Mama Sue, by Sanita

Today's junior blogger Sanita came to Happy House with her younger siblings when their widowed mum, shunned and made homeless by her late husband's family, was struggling to provide for them.
They were living in an old hen house, sleeping on cardboard, and depending on anyone who would give them bits of food to eat. 
Separation did not dimish their love for each other and, a year later,  Mama made it possible for them to be reunited by giving mum Fatuma a job as a cleaner at the Happy House.
All together
She also gave her the deposit for a room in Timboni so they would be living nearby.
They are forever grateful to Mama as Sanita writes:
My name is Sanita. I am in Happy House School.
Mama Sue, I thank you because you are giving me and my sisters and brothers education.
I am so happy because of you giving our mother a job making it so we could all be living together again.
My mother is grateful for the job you gave her.
Mama Sue,  we were not going to school and it was very hard for my mother to look after us 
One day you and Uncle Billy came and took us to live at Happy House and to give us education in Happy House School.
Teaching her mum to write
Then you are giving my mother a job and she could get a room so we could all live there together.
You have got us to where we are
My friends in Happy House are Mama Sue, Papa, Aunt  Libby and all the Happy House kids - the big kids and the little kids.
I say hello to my sponsor and thank you.
Thank you , Mama Sue, for all this and for our education.