Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Give a Child a Chance: Nasri's courage

Nasri Juma has gained much from being a Happy House scholarship student.
Education, food, new experiences, clothes are now all his.
But when he talks about Happy House there's a poignant phrase that stands out above all.
"Happy House has given me courage, " he says.
Nasri lives with his grandmother in her home. They have little.. His mum left him there a long time ago. 
When he came to Happy House as one of our Dr Danwata scholars in 2014 he was shy and lacking in self-belief.
There had been huge gaps in his schoolsing because there was no money to pay, hence him now being in first form secondary at the age of 19.
But  Nasri never lost his thirst for knowledge, school was the one place he wanted to be.
With an education he will be able to break free of the poverty that has dominated his life and will helphim to make a  better life for his grandmother too. 
Nasri was one of our first Class 8 Primary kids to take the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. They all passed with flying colours.  We finished our secondary school just in time for them to move in as our first Form 1.
Happy House has become Nasri's second home. He comes in to help in the garden, to kick a ball around with the other boys and if he's really lucky, and Mama's about, he might just get a first taste of the freshly bake pizza!
.Please watch  the video  as Nasri talks about Happy House and what it means to him and ask yourself if you could afford £20 a month to sponsor to Give a Child a Chance.

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