Monday, 6 June 2016

Give a Child a Chance: 65p a day buys the most precious gift

Give a Child a Chance - this the theme of our campaign to get more people to discover the joys of sponsoring a Happy House kid.
£20 a month, that's just 65p a day, is all it costs to change a life and to put hope into the heart of child from despair
At this time we have more than 80 kids without a sponsor.  Some are living in our full-time care but most are kids, from abject poverty, who are receiving free education in our school.
These are children and young people, like Mercy who features in today's video, who are living with relatives in the local community.
By giving them education and all the other things that entails, we are putting them on the road out of poverty.
And we know for certain that each one of these kids will go on to make the most of the opportunities they are being given.
They have a burning desire to succeed - to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, farmers, pilots.
Each child we educate, will as an adult, go on to educate their own children and they theirs. The Happy House ripple effect will widen with every generation that follows.
Mama and Papa with some of our scholarship students
Our founder, Mama Sue, dreams of having 100 children on our Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme - she named it in honour of and thanks to Dr Falalu Danwata, the Blackpool consulant oncologist who treated her when she had breast cancer.
From a humble upbringing in Nigera, he has gone on to become an extraordinary doctor who has done so much for so many people facing the nightmare that is cancer.
He told Mama Sue that she is giving children the most precious gift that nobody, but nobody, could ever take away: Education.
It is a gift they prize as Mercy tells us in today's video.
Please can you Give a Child a Chance, today.
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