Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Salad Days, Sewing Workshop and Appeal Update

Saturday cookery club is about so much more than learning to cook.
Salads were on the menu for our young cooks at the weekend.
Salad is not something local people eat here, but Mama Sue and Papa Dave are keen for our Happy House kids to experience new flavours.
Mama started off by explaining to the children the nutritional value of raw foods, the name of each vegetable used, and how nourishing they are.
Once divided into groups, some, under Mama's guidance, prepared the salads while Papa worked with a group making coleslaw and Auntie Libby was with the group on salad dressings.
Meanwhile eggs were on the boil as an accompaniment, to be served plain and as egg mayonnaise. Cheese was grated as another extra.
Once completed everything was laid out buffet style, and as Mama explained that this is how food is often served in hotels, the children should each take a plate, a knife and fork, and queue politely taking their turn to serve themselves. .
They were asked to think about how they arranged their food on their plates, with Auntie Libby given the task of choosing the best presented!
Then it was time to tuck in, but again a lesson in how to use a knife and fork properly.
It was amusing to watch their faces as they tried something new to them - many faces creasing up in disgust at the taste of olives, while others just loved them!
Cheese was new to some, too, and got a mixed reaction..
The coleslaw, eggs, and salad vegetables went down a treat  with  dressing (some with fresh chilli peppers and exceedingly hot!)
And no sooner had they eaten than the young chefs set about getting everything washed up, put away, and the kitchen ready to serve lunch.

Sew good!

The lovely Sewing Sanctuary Sewing Angels will be making drawstring pencil cases for our kids tomorrow when they have their monthly workshop the Sewing Sanctuary, Marsh Mill Village, Thornton, and anyone is welcome to go along to sew. 
Caroline Bramhall had asked Auntie Libby to find out what they could make that would be most useful and Mama requested drawstring pencil cases.
They made these prototypes for  Libby to bring out with her and everyone loved them. Now will be making more tomorrow. Happy sewing everyone and thank you.

Building a Bright Future

We have now raised almost £3,500 towards finishing our secondary school for January opening - but we must raise the rest of the £15,000 needed to complete the build and quickly. Plus, we hope, another £10,000 to cover the costs of resourcing and staffing the school for the initial year.
We must ensure that those young people, our Happy House kids, our scholarship students and kids from the local community have a chance to continue the very high quality education we are providing in Kindergarten and Primary levels right through to school leaving.
We can only do this is with YOUR help.
Please donate, if you can, hold your own small fundraiser (or big one of you wish!) and spread the word to your friends.
Please download and print this flyer and share with your friends and colleagues.
With your help we will give our kids the schooling they so deserve. Thank you.

To donate go to: http://campaign.justgiving.com/charity/childrenofwatamu/brightfuture