Monday, 31 August 2015

New term beckons

After a four week break, our Happy House kids go back to school today.
And each of those old enough is aware that they must have their uniforms, shoes and school bags all ready for this important day.
Mama, Uncle Ronald and the aunties all reinforce the message that being neatly turned out, with all they need for the day ahead, is their responsibility.
The girls have been out to have their hair braided into neat cornrows, the older ones looking after the younger ones; the barber called to give all the little boys a trim, while the older boys went out to get theirs done.
Those who need new shirts have them, they've been made by our seamstress Auntie Mercy, and in the laundry the kids have been helping with sorting and ironing.
Thanks to everyone who responded to our shoe appeal, all those who needed new school shoes have them ready to walk to school today.
It's a busy time, but Mama rightly insists that the children do as much as they can to make it easy for themselves and those around them.

Their future, in our hands

This is an important term for our Class 8 as they prepare for Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education which takes place in November under rigorous scrutiny.
This external examination is vital to their future and everyone is working hard towards it.
We also have this term to get our secondary school finished, furnished, staffed are resourced ready to open in January.
To do this we need YOUR help. Please make a donation, hold a fundraiser or go without  a  Bank Holiday treat and donate the money instead.
We have a long way to go, but we know with your help we will do it.
To donate go to

Welcome back Patrizia

Patrizia Anotelli from Rome is a regular visitor to Watamu and the Happy House and on Saturday she called in to see our family.
She is a great friend of Marina, who is in David's sponsor family, and he eagerly came to greet her.
Thank you for coming to see us and for the biscuits you brought for our children.