Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Building a Bright Future - £25,000 appeal launch

Everything is possible …
Our amazing Mama Sue has proved this time and time again, right from the start of her epic journey to transform lives of some of Kenya’s most needy children
So it is with hope in our heart that we launch the Happy House Building a Bright Future Appeal, with a  goal of raising £25,000 to finish and open our secondary school by January, 2016.
It’s a tall order, but we hope that in the coming weeks and months our many wonderful supporters will pull out the stops to help us, by holding their own fundraising events, and introducing our charity to new friends.
We will continue to knock at every door, appeal to individuals and charitable trusts for their support.
Every penny will count and will make a difference.We have faith.  We are saving and changing lives in our Happy House Children’s Home.
In our kindergarten and primary school we are starting children on the road to a Brighter Future. Giving them the very best start in life to ensure they will never return to the poverty and despair into which they were born.
We have now to carry this on beyond primary and through the four years of secondary education.
The building is already halfway there.  It will take £15,000 to finish it – a drop in the ocean compared with building costs in the more developed world – but a huge amount to us.
Securing their futures
Another £10,000 is needed to pay its teachers for the first year, and buy text books and resources.
We cannot do this without YOUR help, YOUR love and YOUR support. 
Our wonderful friend Caroline Bramhall, herself the inspiration behind a remarkable family of like-minded people established through Grace&Favour and the Sewing Sanctuary in Thornton, Lancashire,  is going all out to Back the Build, with a goal of £15,000.
We are calling on everyone to give us a helping hand.... in any way they can.
You could hold an event with your friends: do a car boot sale; take part in a sponsored event; collect your loose change; instead of buying lunch every day, take a packed lunch and donate the difference and encourage your colleagues to do the same.
We hope the schools, organisations and clubs who have made us so welcome will do their bit to give us a helping hand.
We know that you will have big and bright ideas. Please share them with us. 
We will support you with leaflets, publicity etc for anything you plan.
You, friends we look upon as our extended family, are just so always so generous with your time, your money and your love for our children.
We desperately need your help to make our school happen and together we can, and we will, continue to change lives.
Thank you.
To find out more, to donate or set up a JustGiving fundraising page of your own for Building a Bright Future Appeal please go to