Monday, 24 August 2015

Dresses that go on forever!

Everyone who is kind enough to send a gift to their Happy House sponsor child will get a special thank you along with a picture of their child.
It's more than four years since Sandra Foulkes, who is in the sponsor families of twins Saumu and Pendo, sent these dresses to her little girls.
Back in 2011, the beautiful dresses were  a tad too big (never a bad thing as our well-nourished kids grow so fast) but the twins loved them and looked gorgeous in them.
As the two cuties have grown the dresses have been worn and worn by them for high days and holidays,  and still look as good as new.
On Saturday, Pendo and Saumu wore their lovely frocks to take to the catwalk in a junior fashion show and they looked every bit as wonderful as the first day time they wore them.
Watch out for next year, when they will probably be wearing them  as tops with leggings!
Thank you Sandra and family, from Fleetwood,  your dresses have certainly given good value for money and brought loads of pleasure to Pendo and Saumu.
Building a Bright Future
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have a right to be educated to the highest standard possible. Before coming to our Happy House our kids have suffered more pain and hardship than most of us experience in a lifetime. We are transforming them in the bright, lively, loved and confident young people. Please can you help us to ensure the very high standard of education we are giving them in lower school can continue, by supporting our Building a Bright Future Appeal to finish, furnish, resource and staff (for the initial year) our secondary school, which is now half built. A donation of £5, will be £5 to buy materials (every penny goes where intended) and to make a difference. You can donate online now at