Friday, 7 August 2015

Soccer kits bring joy unbound plus Bright Future Appeal new video

Our young footballers proudly show off their Happy House team strip  which has come thanks to Donna McNamara 
Donna,  from Galway, who is in Stevie and Victoria's sponsor families, won 20 kits in a Persil contest, Win a Sports Kit for your Kid's School Team, which she entered with our kids in mind.
Elizabeth Gomm put together the design for the kit, produced by O'Neills Sports International, which included shorts, socks, hoodies and kit bags, with Happy House logo  and now, three months on they've arrived, with the ever-generous Donna (pictured in one of the jerseys) and her husband, Luke, footing delivery cost.

There was great excitement when the boys and girls saw them for the first time, as Evans tells us in this lovely thank you blog to Donna especially, and also to Persil, O'Neills and all involved.
" I just want to say thank you for the football kits that you sent to us.
I was the first kid to see them and when I looked at them the joy I had knew no bound. Mama told me to put on one and we catwalked to the dining room where the other kids were.
The kids were having their meal and she told them that there was a surprise.
Immediately when they heard that, they put their spoons down and they were waiting for the surprise. She told me to come into the dining room with the football kits written Happy House. 
"Wow" everybody said. 
They could not believe it,  everybody shone with great delight. 
My heart melted with joy like butter exposed to heat.
 Thank you to Donna and all the kind people who took their time preparing the nice football kits. We will take care of them. 
We are eagerly waiting for the next match to come so that we can put on. 
People will be surprised to see us on the football kits but it's because of you  all people. 
May God bless the people who have sent the gifts.
With lots of love from Evans Khamis"


We're on the way with £500 already donated to our Buidling a Bright Future to finish and open our Happy House Secondary School which must open for the new school year starting in January.
Raising the £15,000 needed to complete the construction, and a further £10,000 to staff with teachers and buy resources for the first year, is a huge undertaking.
We are, in the scheme of things a small charity, but the work we are doing is making a massive difference to so many young people. 
And because there is no one between your donation and the children it is helping, we are giving very good value for money.
Your £1 donated will buy the KSH equivalent of a £'s worth of materials, labour etc.
So please if you have a £1 or two to spare, help us to Build a Bright Future for young people from extreme poverty, loss or despair.
To donate:
Thank you