Monday, 3 August 2015

A home where happiness flows ...

Meeting Neema
The Happy House magic cast its spell over Angie Carmon and her daughter Emma Costello in the week they spent volunteering with our family.
Angie, from Morecambe, was already in our little Neema's sponsor family and was overjoyed to meet her, and now she is becoming a sponsor to Dennis too.
With Dennis
Emma, who lives and works in Dubai, is joining the sponsor family of the elder of our two Brians.
Both Angie and Emma have found their short trip a life-changing experience and are already planning to go back next year.
Here Angie gives her impression of our Happy House family:
Love and happiness ... caring and sharing
From the moment I entered the Happy House I felt welcome. 
Sue and Dave are an amazing couple who dedicate their lives and their love to the children. Uncle Billy is the perfect dedicated social worker who smiles and laughs often.  The staff are dedicated to their work and the children.
The children are amazing.  Despite  the difficult backgrounds they have come from,t they now have a life of happiness and a carefree childhood. 
They are always smiling. Their love and happiness flows through the home. 
 The older children are very helpful and caring towards the younger children and everyone helps keep the home tidy as well as helping with the younger children and babies. 
Emma and Brian
Each  day when we arrived at the Happy House or the school the children ran to us to greet us.  They are a credit to themselves and to Mama Sue and  Papa Dave.
I found the whole experience  humbling.
At meal time I sat watching as every child was given the same food on a plate or bowl.
Everyone ate everything without a single complaint! 
I sat in the play areas, where children played with the sand or sticks they found fallen from trees, or they pushed each other on swings made from tyres hanging by ropes from the trees. 
some played on their football pitch with one ball, sharing fairly, while others were throwing a frisbee all without any arguments.
All the time there is laughter, lots of laughter.
The children are tough - if they fall over, they bounce up, brush themselves off and carry on playing.
If they hurt themselves there is an immediate helping hand from an older child (or sometimes a younger child) or one of the Aunties. The tears stop quickly and they run off to play.
The children are full of love for themselves, each other, the staff who care for them and the world around them.  
From the minute you enter the Happy House you are welcomed with open arms.  I feel humbled and privileged to have spent a week with this amazing and happy family.
To everyone at the Happy House I would like to say a massive thank you for allowing me and my daughter Emma to spend time with you and for making us feel part of your family. 
For both of us this has been a life changing experience and the most amazing experience of our lives. 
Thank you.