Saturday, 1 August 2015

Neema back to normal and babies thriving

Neema is all smiles after having the plaster cast removed from her arm.
Neema, who fell and broke her arm whilst having an impromptu running race with a friend, has healed well and is now back on top form.
She's been a little star and refused to let a plaster cast and sling be an obstacle to getting on with things  and enjoying life!
Well done Neema.
Our babies are doing well too.  Elizabeth, who was a foundling,  is now nine weeks old and putting on weight, she's heading towards 7lbs  and baby Nicolas, who will be two weeks old on Monday, is also doing well.

Shoe bank

Thank you to everyone who has donated to buy new school shoes for our children. In two days we have received enough to buy 34 pairs of shoes. If you would like to donate £10 to buy school shoes please go to