Wednesday, 12 August 2015

School Report: Always things to do

 Everyone is keeping busy in the holidays  as Mr Omoi reports:
All the Happy House kids like holiday club.It's  chance to have fun and games, but also an opportunity to brush up on on some of the areas of school work where they may be a little weak.Teachers are patient coaches and mentors, and the kids enjoy it.The class eight students are making the most of their time to get ready for the Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education which takes place in November.They will be the very first Happy House students to take the national exam and plan to keep our flag flying high.Learning is never a chore for our children, but they also love to be active and lots of sporting activities are being held every day.

It is for these kids ....

we need to get our secondary school finished, furnished and open, to make sure that these children, so eager to learn, have a chance to excel.
We are, at kindergarten and primary school, giving them a head start in life, we must carry it on at secondary school.
We need a total of £25,000 to finish the school, furnish, resource and, for the first year, pay teachers.  In a week we have raised, with so much help from our friends, £1,195.
We are a long way from our target, but hold firm to our belief that because what we are doing is right, right for every one of our children, that money will come.
Please help in any way you can. Thank you.