Sunday, 30 August 2015

Holiday club by Musyoka, Mercy and Victoria

Holiday club is mix of activities and revision.
It's a chance for children to brush up on their weaknesses, build on their strengths and have fun. 
 Today, Musyoka and friends tell us a  more:
After we closed school we were told that we are going to be doing
holiday clubs.
We were not surprised because it was not our first time to hear these words. As we got prepared to go we were told to carry our books because we will be also doing tuition.
We were all so glad that we were not going to forget our work in the break.
When we reached to school we got in class and started our work
We are so proud of our Mama.
Mercy continues:
In my class at Holiday Club, one day we started with maths and science, social studies, CRE
and last
Kiswahili they were interesting all.
We had two subjects before break and then  more afterwards. We then walked home to take outr lunch, it is interesting to walk, After we had finished taking our lunch we played some games like football, volley ball, netball etc.
And Victoria adds:
We like holiday club when we revise our subjects in the morning. We go home for lunch and after lunch we have activities like football, netball and volleyball.
Them we take our showers and help the aunties at home.

Building a Bright Future Appeal

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We must have our  Happy House secondary school finished, furnished, staffed and resourced by January, 2016, when the new school year begins.
To achieve this we need a total of £25,000. 
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