Monday, 17 August 2015

Appeal gets flush, and kids go on "home" visits

Spending a penny is costing more than a penny in one Lancashire household.
Cody Leigh-Allen is raising money for Building a Bright Future Appeal with a collection pot on the family loo requesting a donation per flush!
Cody, a student at St Aidans CE Technology College, was inspired by a a development day at school when Elizabeth Gomm ran sessions for group of Year 8 pupils to raise awareness of our Happy House and it's work.
And thanks to Cody her grandparents, Jackie and Colin McLean, have joined our sponsor family, sponsoring Sanita, so that all their grandchildren can become involved.
Thank you Cody for being a young ambassador for Happy House and trying so hard to make life better for our children.
It's lovely to know you want to help them to have a wonderful school and education, just as you do.
Anyone can do their bit to to raise a few pounds for our appeal to raise the money we need to finish, furnish and open our school.
You could, like Cody, be flushed with pride.

Family visits

It's quieter at the Happy House this week as many of the children are away visiting their family members.
This is a routine Mama and Uncle Billy have established during the school holidays as it is so important for children to keep in touch with their blood relatives where it is safe and possible to do so.
A grandma or auntie who may not be able to support their young relatives on a full-time basis will work hard to take them in the holidays for a short break.
Uncle Ronald, our assistant social worker says:  "The kids were really looking forward for it. 
It's a good practice for them as it re-unites them with their relatives and friends back home as well  as helping them in various daily activities.
We wish them safe journey and all the best in whatever they will do till we 
meet again."