Thursday, 6 August 2015

Mama's video plea for support and why Caroline is Backing the Build

To these young people, Mama Sue and her Happy House are a beacon of hope.
Without her, they would have would have little prospect of completing their education and chasing their dreams.
Our Primary Class Eight, they will sit their Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education and are looking forward to going on to secondary school  - and is for them, and many others who need our school, that we must have it finished by January.
Our Building a Brighter Future Appeal aims to raise £15,000 to finish the build, and £10,000 pay teachers for the first year, plus text books and resources.
In this video: Mama speaks from the shell which, with your help, will become a centre of excellence for secondary education. To donate go to:


Backing the Build -

That's Caroline Bramhall and the family at her Grace & Favour and Sewing Sanctuary at Marsh Mill, Thornton, Lancashire.
Caroline (pictured here sharing a joke with Mama Sue) is investing time and energy into trying to get us to our target of £15,000 to finish building our Happy House Secondary School.Her driving force is her great friend Lisa Holman, who died in May. Lisa was in our Victoria's sponsor family and had been passionate about Happy House from the moment she heard about it.
Caroline says: Grace & Favour was a saving Grace for me and at a time when I needed help and support so many people stepped in. I was amazed at the depth of human kindness.
 My life changes, losing my job, fighting a tribunal case, divorce, losing someone close all had a profound affect on me but through G&;F I met so many people, most worse off than myself and all with a story of their own. I knew then that G&;F and The Sanctuary had been sent my way for a reason. I saw it at first as a stop gap to getting back to my "real" "important"career - but each time I tried to make a move, sell up or leave something pulled me back. 
  A new charity, a new person who needed us... just one more more has turned into four years and I know that by using G&;F not only as a workplace but as a platform and network of amazing people that we can help so many people in so many ways. G&F is made up of thousands of people - its a family.
Lisa Holman came to our family and talked of the Happy House and it was so wonderful to see her light up like a Christmas tree when she talked of her sponsor child, Victoria,  now my sponsor child, and of the Happy House family. We held  wonderfully informative evening with Sue at the Sanctuary and my own interest grew from there. 
Sadly, Lisa has since passed away but  along time ago when she knew she was ill she called me her "earth angel" - she said she knew I would keep helping - Lisa's way of saying you WILL keep helping .
 The target is my way of saying to Lisa "thank you for keeping us all on track and helping you Lisa  to help the Happy House" . So when we reach the target Lisa will know.I know she will.". 
Lisa's daughter Megan, 13, who is the G&F and the Sewing Sanctuary's junior ambassador, sats her mum would have loved to be involved and hoped, one day, to visit the Happy House - something Megan hopes she will do, in her honour,one day in the future.
The G&F  Brighter Future donation page is: