Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Wedding maids and masters!

 Love was in the air at a special kidz club.
Mama brought the family together to discuss Auntie Velma's wedding which will be held at our Happy House.
Velma and her Mr Right were going to have a very quiet wedding, until Mama asked if they would like to be married amongst our family, of which Velma is such an import part, at the Happy House.
And they were thrilled to bits.
Kidz Club was called with Auntie Velma to see who would like to be bridesmaids - all the girls immediately said yes, and the boys, not knowing what it means to be a bridesmaid, all said they would too!
Auntie Velma certainly won't have a shortage and our guess is that everyone will be involved.
The children were all asked to talk to Auntie Velma about their ideas for her wedding as this week she is on leave to conduct her wedding meetings.
The big day in November is sure to be a romantic and happy start to married life for Auntie Velma.
The event ended with sweets for everyone thanks to some lovely visitors.

Our school, their bright future

Without our Happy House none of these youngsters would have a hope of completing their education.
They are bright, clever and enthusiastic students who are eager to take very opportunity life offers them.
Without our Happy House, our scholarship scheme, they would be facing a a bleak future
Please help us to keep them in school and on the road out of poverty by making a donation, or organising a fundraiser, for our Building a Bright Future Appeal to finish, furnish, resource and staff our secondary school ready for opening by January 2016. http://campaign.justgiving.com/charity/childrenofwatamu/brightfuture