Saturday, 29 August 2015

A temporary refuge for baby Lamek

For two months old Lamek, the Happy House has been a shelter of loving care from a troubled time in his family's life.
After a week in our safe care he is now reunited with his family - a caring grandmother who travelled hundreds of miles from Western Kenya so that she could take Lamek, and her daughter,his mother, back home to look after.
Lamek, whose mum is suffering from post-natal mental health problems, was left with a neighbour when his she was admitted to hospital. His father has moved on to live and work elsewhere,
The neighbour, who already has a three year old and his due to give birth to her second child any day, was not able to continue caring for Lamek.
Her husband, concerned for his family and baby Lamek, asked Happy House to help.
His mum who disappeared from hospital was later found  in a very poor state.
A week later, in which time the grandmother had been traced, she arrived at Happy House to meet her baby grandson who is now in her safe care, as is his mum.
We wish them well in the future.
Please, can you help?
Every child deserves a bright future. 
Our Happy House kids have had a bleak past, we turn their lives around and put them on the road to a bright future.
Education is key in that. We are giving them the best education possible in Happy House kindergarten and primary schools, we must take that on through secondary school.
Please, please, make this the weekend that YOU donate - even the smallest amount will count - to help us to finish and furnish our secondary school by January.
To donate online go to:
or you can send a cheque, made payable to Happy House, to Elizabeth Gomm, Children of Watamu, 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS