Monday, 10 August 2015

Fiona's friends fund food shopping spree!

Before she set off for Watamu, Fiona Lockyer launched a JustGiving page aimed at raising £350 in a week - enough to pay our grocery bill and feed our family for a week.
Her generous friends ensured that she smashed her target bringing in an an amazing  £522.
Fiona and her twin daughters Hebe and Imogen are combining a holiday with volunteering at Happy House.
And after working so hard to raise the money for shopping, Fiona enjoyed shopping trips to buy both household staples and groceries, plus meat and fish and to see everything stored away safely in our store room and freezers.
Thank you Fiona, and big thanks to every one who made donations. We are so very grateful.

Our school, their bright future

Our Building a Bright Future Appeal  to raise the £15,000 we need to finish our secondary school in time to take its first students when the new school year starts in January, plus £10,000 for resources and teacher salaries for the first year, stands at £1114.
It's a great start, but we still have so far to go and we desperately need your help.
We must ensure that those young people, our Happy House kids, our scholarship students and kids from the local community have a chance to continue the very high quality education we are providing in Kindergarten and Primary levels right through to school leaving.
We can only do this is with YOUR help.
Please donate, if you can, hold your own small fundraiser (or big one of you wish!) and spread the word to your friends.
Please download and print this flyer and share with your friends and colleagues.
With your help we will give our kids the schooling they so deserve. Thank you.