Friday, 21 August 2015

Families' bargain buys for our kids

Some of our friends just can't resist a bargain, specially when it is something for our kids.
For Jackie Fineman Happy House bargain hunting is a family affair, with everyone looking out for knock-down prices on goodies for our family.
Jackie and family, from Blackpool, has been having a shopping spree in the summer sales, snapping up some great clothes for boys and girls, plus copy-crocs all for a fraction of their original price. 
Her younger children Joe (right) and  Emma, who are both still at school,  both contributed from their saving for the clothes they bought on a recent trip to Matalan, when Joe ended up decorated like a Christmas tree as he helped carry the bargains to the counter!
And when Jackie's eldest daughter, Hailey Aspinall  and her partner Debs (left)  popped into the store to find copy-crocs had been knocked down even further, they snapped up the lot!
We have so many good friends, like Jackie and family, who are in Stevie and Charity's sponsor family, who send parcels of lovely new goods.
Betty Hatch, 70, who lives in Essex, is another dedicated Happy House shopper who also has a great eye for a bargain.
Betty and her son Paul, sponsor Salama, and their daughter Nicky is in Mercy's sponsor family.
Salama (front row, far right) is pictured with some of her friends with Betty's latest box of bargains.
All the clothes bought now, while the summer sales are on, will come in for Christmas when every child receives a new outfit.
Thank you to Jackie and Betty and families, and to everyone who bargain hunts for Happy House, for your love and support.

Building a Bright Future Appeal

Make this a feel good Friday by helping to give our Happy House children  and other young people, who without our charity would have no hope of completing their education, a head start in secondary school.
We have to raise £15,000 to finish and furnish our secondary school, which is already half-built.  We are also aiming to raise another £10,000 to cover the costs of teachers' salaries and resources for 2016.
If you could spare a few pounds this weekend, please donate at