Friday, 28 August 2015

Such a happy home

It is lovely being at Happy House in the school holidays when all the kids are at home and doing their own thing.
There's a constant hum of activity with more than a 100 children around, but you never hear and shouting or squabbling. They play or work happily together, the older ones keeping the little ones busy.

Kidz Council does an amazing job in organising the kids into groups, some helping in the kitchen, others in the garden, giving a hand with the chores around the house or laundry, and everyone is having a high time. They are so happy.
The small ones play together, keeping themselves occupied,  pretend cooking seems to be a favourite  - copying what they have seen in the villages.
Mama is never alone in her office, there's always children in their telling her what they are up to or just hanging out.
As you watch them,  you would never know these kids have come to us with so much tragedy in their hearts.
 That they well  adjusted, confident and  so full of the joys of living is proof of the magic of our Happy House  and the leadership and enduring love of their Mama Sue and Papa Dave.

Their future is in our hands

Every child deserves a bright future. 
Our Happy House kids have had a bleak past, we turn their lives around and put them on the road to a bright future.
Education is key in that. We are giving them the best education possible in Happy House kindergarten and primary schools, we must take that on through secondary school.
Please, please, make this the weekend that YOU donate - even the smallest amount will count - to help us to finish and furnish our secondary school by January.
To donate online go to:
or you can send a cheque, made payable to Happy House, to Elizabeth Gomm, Children of Watamu, 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS

Birthday trio

There were three birthdays to celebrate at Kidz Club on Tuesday when Auntie Libby had the lovely job of presenting gifts.
David Karisa, Karembo and Margaret received greetings from all the family as the sang the birthday song to each of them.